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1.     Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Seismic survey for the Erbil Block    

        Project fo the DNO International Company.

2.     EIA for Oil Exploration and Production of Tawke Block project for DNO.

3.     EIA for Oil Exploration and Drilling of Duhok Block project for DNO.

4.     EIA for Erbil Electrical Gas power plant /Erbil

5.     EIA for Asphalt mix factory in Sulaimany governorate.

6.     EIA for petroleum refinery of Koya / Erbil.

7.     EIA for Sandwich panel in Erbil/ South Industrial.

8.     EIA for Balantaran Asphalt factory in Arbat / Sulaimany.

9.     EIA for Steel foundry / Sulaimany

10.   EIA for mall in Ainkawa / Erbil.

11.   EIA for Leisure Park / Erbil.

12.   Environmental Consultants of KRG and participants  in scientific 

       commissions concerning environment.

13.  EIA study of Shaikhan 3D-seismic project/ Gulf Keystone Company

14.  Poultry project in Qushtappa/ Erbil

15.  Plastic water tanks factory/Erbil

16.  A study on the recycling of expire batteries.

17.  Special Sweden hospital /Erbil

18.  Scandinavian physical therapy hospital/ Erbil

19.  EIA report for Summail-1 drilling project

20.  EIA report for Bastora-1 well drilling project

21.  E.B.L.S for Petro Quest for Sulevani Block in Duhok (Baseline Study) on going


22. More jobs under bidding process.







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